How to speed up the computer in Vancouver?

Everyone wants to run their computer smoothly. A slow computer can be a headache

particularly if you are trying to finish an urgent assignment. You may have experienced

that where your device might be running slower than usual, the startup time takes

forever, web apps are unresponsive and programs take too long to open up or respond

which can be complicated and frustrating. Wondering how to speed up your windows

computer? Here are some solutions to speed up your slow computer.

Tip 1. Always uninstalling unnecessary apps and software and downloads

Tip 2. Deleting temporary internet files, caches

Tip 3. Moving large files to external storage.

Tip 4. Saving files to cloud storage or an external disk.

Tip 5. Get rid of unnecessary files, delete software caches, and unnecessary


Tip 6. Remember to regularly empty your Recycle Bin.

Tip 7. restart your computer on regular basis.

Tip 8. For quicker boot times, disable startup programs.

Tip 9. On Mac OS X, you can download CCleaner to find

and delete temporary files on your hard drive.

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